In year 2000 when PHP 4 just came out, we had functions.php and when it started being big we made functions2.php. When object orientation came out we renamed our databasefunctions.php and put a class around it and called it OOP. PHP by then, was not very mature. I by then, was not very mature. The community by then, was not very mature.

We have come a long way since then! We now believe 12 year old girls on the internet are not FBI agents. We now have type hints, and namespaces, and composer! We have all matured.

Let me share my story of amazing technology that changed my life. I will also share some horrible community experiences, and the awesome ones that kept me going.

Let’s keep growing, because we never really stop.


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Tim Hofman at 17:22 on 15 Mar 2024

Nice keynote about the PHP community.

Very personal keynote about a journey in software development. Michelle opened up and was really vulnerable, which is an amazing feat to do in such a big room. Well done!

This talk was amazing, not because I liked the message. It was shocking to hear how rude people are. As a white male you do not even understand a bit of what you have been going through. And I truly hope talks like these will open people's eyes.

That we may never forget how important community is.

Thanks for sharing this

Marco Pivetta at 18:52 on 19 Mar 2024

Extremely touching talk: it certainly gave many folks food for thought for how we can **all** do better as community members.

Rodi de Boer at 11:14 on 21 Mar 2024

Thanks for opening up and sharing your horrible experiences. That took courage.

This kind of talk/keynote was just not for me.

James Titcumb at 09:04 on 22 Mar 2024

A great motivation for some introspection, to think how we act and whether we really do welcome people into the community, and how we could improve. A very heartfelt and thought provoking keynote, thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Great talk to finish off the DutchPHP Conference. Michelle was real and personal, making this talk really influence me and motivate me to help out in the PHP community more. Thanks for a good closing keynote!