Git is the modern-day version management system of choice.
We all know how to commit, push, pull and merge. But what about (interactive) rebasing, fixing up commits, cherry picking lines and bisecting the history ?
And what are those atomic commits you keep hearing people talk about and why would they be of any use to you ?

Come and learn how to get the most out of the tooling you already use every day, find ways to make life easier on the people who review your code and leave knowing how to create a clean commit history which is a joy to peruse.


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Nice talk good explaining and clear examples made it very clear.

Airton Zanon at 12:24 on 17 Mar 2024

Just amazing! Loved the content and Juliette's way of delivering the content was super good.
I was sitting next to a person that didn't know some stuff that she was talking about and I could see that he was mind blown by the content, in the end he was super thankful and I believe this was an important talk for him, because he was already thinking on how he's gonna use the things that he learnt, at work.