Naming namespaces, classes, and variables in code is a common and hard problem! Name something wrong and it will end up needing to be refactored. This talk will focus on the best strategies and practices for naming so things are named clearly, accurately, and concisely. Break down naming approaches by covering domains, coding standards, logical groups, indicators, patterns, and grammatical terms.


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Tim Hofman at 14:26 on 15 Mar 2024

Some of things you talked about, such as the general things as don't use abbrevations and use PSR-1 and PSR-12, are common knowledge (imho). And I expected more examples on when to name something a worker, a handler, a provider, etc.

Good speaker, a clear and calm voice. I was hoping to hear a bit more beyond the current standards. Still marked it as “Worth hearing” as for people who are new into code or struggle with naming this is good stuff to know about and use in a day to day practice.

Rodi de Boer at 11:02 on 21 Mar 2024

Soooooo slow.
Enough info to be a handout to read in 5 minutes.
For me just too boring.

I'm sorry for the harsh comment; don't let it stop you from speaking; speaking in front of audience was pretty good. Just try to add more substance.