Amazon Web Services at Scale


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It was a great talk on the evolution of the wattpad production environment. I thought he provided an honest tale of how things evolved.

Good solid information and I like the real world war stories Rich shared. One suggestion would be to pause a few times throughout your presentation to take questions and make the audience more involved.

Excellent "from the trenches" chronicle of a particular company's growth from a single server to a large, complex cloud-based infrastructure. More detail on the bottleneck analysis and decision process at each stage (ie: what alternatives were considered and why) would have been nice, but did not detract from the overall experience. Well done!

Good talk that pulls from lots of real world experience. I would like to have seen more details about what you did and why you chose the technologies you chose. Maybe finish off with "next we are going to try..."

Anonymous at 17:50 on 4 Nov 2012