Bring your site to life using WebSockets


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Unfortunate audio problems, but I thought you did a good job of presenting and getting too rattled by that. A lot of really good content, and the live demos were really good. I feel like you definitely know your stuff, you could speak more confidently! All in all a very good talk.

started a bit slow due to the technical difficulties. you seemed pretty nervous and i think it may have affected your delivery. the content was very interesting, great demos!

Fun demos, and good content. I think you could improve the talk by giving examples that go beyond chat room type applications. Perhaps an example of doing push notifications when an action happens. I think you handled the technical difficulties really well.

Live demos are always risky, and having two out of three work is quite respectable. It was all the better that they interacted with the audience, too.

The audio issues and your cold aside, you definitely seemed nervous up there -- that may be something to work on for future talks. Beyond that, the content was excellent and you did a great job covering the basics of web-based socket IO before introducing your own work.

The content was interesting and I was excited to see someone tackle this topic in the context of PHP.

The technical difficulties with the mic would have put me over the edge, and I appreciate you pushing through to deliver your talk despite the issues!

I found this topic extremely interesting. Live demos were excellent and I will definitely be giving Ratchet a try.

Great topic and lots of knowledge. Some audio problems because of equipment but also because of moving quite a bit. The delivery was good but the talk could use a bit more of polishing on the first part.