Caching with Memcached


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this was a great discussion of some really important and useful features and best practices

Anonymous at 13:49 on 2 Nov 2012

Great talk Ilia!

As always, Ilia packs his talk with loads of useful info. Thanks Ilia.

I missed the first 15 minutes, but if it was anything like the last 30 than wow. Just what I wanted to see for this talk.

Great to see examples and indepth coverage of the memcached extension. I don't know if it could have also been useful to quickly introduce memcache and what it does as I thought a few of the questions could have been answered by covering that initially.

Very good and very useful talk

Excellent talk. helped me understand more about using memcached.

Found it very useful, thanks for answering my question afterwards, feeling more confident implementing it in upcoming projects.

I was surprised to find out that Memcache is faster than Redis, I'm now considering switching.
Amazing talk Ilia, thanks!