Closing Keynote


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This closing keynote was very enjoyable! The Grumpy Programer is a really good keynote speaker!

Great closing keynote full of emotion, knowledge and twitter bombs.

This keynote is the next big thing in the PHP conference world. Excellent keynote making lots of good points, but still combined with lots of fun and laughter. Very well delivered. PHP conferences worldwide, you need Chris as your next keynote speaker.

Great closing keynote delivered in true Grumpy style. I agree with the message, the technology world is changing and we need to be ready to take the next steps.

Chris has no issues getting up there and giving it his all, twitter bombs and all! Very enjoyable closing keynote!

Made me think about my inner Grump a bit more. No more compromising and no more letting the tools push me around.


Great case of slides being a mere accent to a talk. The entire keynote flowed like a conversation, and Chris didn't drop a beat. I had no idea what to expect based on the title, but there was a solid amount of practical application and relevant stories throughout the talk.