Conference Speaking 101


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Great job. For the subject matter, no comments on how to be better.

Great tips! I took furious notes and even bought one of the recommend books during the presentation. I will definitely be working some of these insights into my next presentations.

I think this is a great topic to help get more people involved.

I know User Groups aren't the main topic, but advice on how to get more people involved/speaking at User Groups would be great.

Great talk. Lots of information I will use next time I get the chance to speak somewhere.

Excellent ideas especially the day before I give my talk. You talked about keeping the audience engaged. I would have liked to have seen some more concrete examples. Perhaps point out more of the subtle things you were doing as you were doing them.

Really enjoyed this presentation. While you mentioned the local PHP user groups as a way to get practice, there are also organizations you could mention like Toastmasters or Dale Carnegie where the entire focus is to get better at public speaking. All the suggestions on process and preparation are were very helpful.