Cryptography For The Average Developer


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An excellent overview of a complex topic, well done!

I learned more than I wanted to about cryptography. Now I know just how vulnerable my applications are and I have a whole new set of things to fix.

Very solid overview. It was obvious the speaker knew his material inside and out, even though he claimed to not be a security expert. I also liked the repeated mantra of "don't do it!"

Looking forward to the password hashing API in PHP 5.5.

Agreed with Scott's comments - makes me realize how some of the things I've implemented aren't as strong as I thought. I'm glad the slides are online too...there's some things I need to go back over.

Great coverage on the difficult subject. I liked the depth provided about ECB and CBC.

Great overview. Thanks Anthony.

Great topic that all developers should see. Complex topics were presented from the appropriate perspective.

Very interesting point of view regarding to cryptography.

To the point with useful examples, gives some good material to bring back the team.

Very interesting topic, learn a lot!

Really good talk, well delivered with great coverage of the topic.