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A lot of really great content in this presentation, I felt like talk was paced a bit too quickly and ended up being a little short on time. That being said, the content was top-notch! I learned quite a bit and there were a lot of concepts that were put in perspective for me personally. I thought the slides were really well done as well, over-all a great talk!

Really great talk, hitting all attendees with the clue-bat on how to take their job as PHP developers seriously. Should have been recorded as it's valuable for all PHP-devs out there.

A little remark though: make sure your pronunciation is good, because sometimes you were explaining things I could not understand because you were speaking rapidly. Also tune a little more on timings. But over-all a really great talk. Thanks!

Lots of great food for thought here, and very well presented. On the drive home we tried to recite the expansions of STUPID and SOLID - only got about half way through, but will be checking it out until we get it right!

Really good talk, it finishes to drive home the point I also stated in my own talk. Both complement each other very well. Well delivered, with just a bit of restless moving on stage.