Introduction to Continuous Integration with Jenkins


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Eric, I see you know your stuff and you're really passionate about it… but running a 60minute talk finishing in 20+ minutes is not looking so good.

My suggestion is to practices a little more at user groups and get your timings right. To use time more wisely, dig a little deeper into the materials you just presented. I was doing a similar workshop and was able to fill 3 hours with this CI stuff.

More practice and better time your presentation and you're good to go!

The talk was quiet good but the time was too short! You know your stuff pretty well but you should have extend the talk with the following topics:

* Next steps after CI: Continuous Inspection with Sonar for example,
* Short live demo

Great slides anyway :)

Great introduction, would of loved to hear a bit more about it's inter-workings, maybe a walkthrough of running it against a project.

Great presentation, since the talk ended up being short; I would have liked to see a bit more on the setup. I was familiar with most of the tools that you talked about; but I think some setup and maybe talking through a build script a bit would have been helpful as well.

I really enjoyed your presentation style and you came across as very knowledgable.

Something went wrong, was giving a 3 thumbs up… not 5, sorry for the good feeling

This is a good talk. You have the content and it is obvious that you know your material. Your only problem is that you really need to work on your timing. Practice a bit more before you give the talk and make sure that you can fill time time slot.

Good overview of many of the tools you can use with Jenkins - but I was hoping to learn more about what Jenkins itself actually is, how it works, etc... I've already used most of those tools, but have never used Jenkins - still not sure why I would...

It was a decent intro, but I'd recommend adding some demos. An interactive Jenkins dashboard would be a bit more engaging than a bunch of screen shots. This could also help to fill the full time slot. Overall, I'm glad I attended. Thanks for presenting.

Good talk. I've been needing somebody to show me how to put things together, going to play with the demo setup now.

Despite timing issues, your style of presentation is strong and effective - agree with others that some more detailed examples would have been interesting - something "hands on"...