REST APIs: The "R" is not for religious


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Great Talk!

One way to help drive the concept home would be to make a visualization of the maze when you're describing the markup of the hypermedia output.

It would be easy to tie in your love for Minecraft.

Really enjoyed this talk, Joel presented the topic very well with good intonation and well delivered jokes. A very nice look into REST without any of the religious wars.

Excellent talk on REST. I felt the intro was a bit on the long side but once it got going there was a lot of good information. The way the talk was delivered also made sure people would keep focus, even though it was still early. Well done.

Great talk on REST. I have to agree with Stefan, the intro/beginning was a bit long. The talk gives a great view on how people should be structuring the APIs that are pretty much self documenting/linking.

I enjoyed this talk and wish there had been more time for Joel to flesh out the how. It helped solidify some of the ideas that I have about APIs and "REST"fullness as a whole.

Excellent talk on a subject that I hear a lot about, but have not necessarily seen the whole point of before. Very effective presentation style. The self-documenting links idea is a gem, and I will be looking to incorporate this in future; I see particular relevance of the whole thing for mobile apps...