Testing and Devops Culture


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Great talk about continuous deployment in the real world. Lots of info and ideas that come from having been there. I found this very informative and helpful.

Very conversational presentation. I could tell this was all personal, hard learned information. She pushed me to re-evaluate a couple of my own processes and improve them.

I concur with Joel. This had a very conversational and anecdotal theme, and I think that made the content all the better. It wasn't a merely list of best practices; rather, a review of lessons learned along the way.

As far as speaking ability, Laura Beth clearly knows what she's doing up there :)

Very well designed and well presented talk. The information presented was clearly earned through first-hand experience, and the presenter's conversational style was a very good fit with that. Definitely one of the best talks of the conference!

I enjoyed the style of this talk, very helpful. A very fun talk!

Very engaging presentation, no reading out of bullets here - I arrived too late to get a seat, and can see why the room was full...