There is a PHP Library for That!


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Nice talk. Learned about a few libraries I'll have to try.

Nice high level overview of many different packages. I would have liked to see more real world applications of the packages or perhaps a bit more detail on fewer packages. I know you were trying to show the breadth of the PHP communities contributions, but I am left with a feeling of "now that I know they exist what can I do with them?"

A decent introduction into a number of available libraries. Most seemed to be symfony packages (or the like), which seemed a bit one-sided.

Some misinformation was spread specifically around templating (could have been a language issue) and dependency injection. Pimple was mentioned to do Dependency Injection, which it really is not designed to do (it's a service locator, which is very different from DI)...

Not a bad talk, just some content issues and would have liked to seen either fewer libraries explored deeper, or more from the overall community...

Thank you Anthony for your feedback.

I would have said that templating with PHP is error prone and tedious for the following reasons:

* You have to take care of escaping variables,
* PHP does not support template inheritance by default,
* PHP is very verbose,
* You can easily mixup business logic and presentation logic,

Regarding Pimple, I said it's a Dependency Injection Container. I agree with you that Pimple is a service locator implementation.

Very good general introduction to a number of libraries available for PHP. The libraries and examples of their usage were well chosen, though I think it could have been improved by including a slide with the library's repo/website and a short bullet-list of it's most compelling features.