Using BDD Language in Your Unit Tests


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Nice talk. Using bdd language like that is new to me. Interesting idea.

Good job for first presentation. Some more code samples would help the presentation.

Good talk. As you said, I agree that having an example of how your app should respond in "failing situations" would have been beneficial to have.

Great job for your first talk!

BDD is a development practice I've never used and this has inspired me to take a closer look at it.

Good unconf presentation.

OT: I would suggest trying phpspec2 instead of retrofitting bdd onto PHPUnit tests.

Very good talk. Given this was a first time talk it was really good. The speaker was calm and steady, and did a good job of showing us the ideal he wanted to transmit.

Some feedback on the slides and structure are the only issues i had: try to put less text on the slides, be more visual and communicative with them, use them to guide the attendee to understand what you are saying. Pick a straight line to take them from start to end.

Congratulations on the talk, first of many I hope.

Presentation skills were right up there for a first time speaker. As a practical application, I think you should definitely look into integrating Behat or PHPSpec2 into this presentation. Personally, the idea of having BDD language in test case doc blocks seems ripe for getting out of sync (we have that probably for doc blocks in real code already).

One thing I found missing from the BDD examples was the scenario description. Usually, you start with "As a customer/user/client, I want to" and that leads into the functionality. From a high level, it also lets you determine how features are grouped by stakeholder.

There's definitely a story to be told with having non-developers (e.g. product managers) create the BDD stories to describe the functionality the want implemented. Another idea that comes to mind is the relation to kanban project management, where features are tracked as user stories throughout the development process. If you decide to go the route of no tying this to Behat or some other library, you can definitely explore the kanban and PM side further.