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Anonymous at 16:53 on 2 Nov 2012

Fun talk.

Good talk. Lots of information packed into a short timeframe. The raw markdown stuff was kind of hard to follow.

Great delivery. Might have been good to have a UML diagram of the various classes.

This talk was delivered very well, being someone who is more familiar with the Selenium2 PHPUnit extension, this was a great intro to Webdriver. Very good presentation as well, the talk was fun and paced well; easy to follow. Great job!

Good talk...I sort of wish there'd been less "excuse my PHP quality" comments. I'm not a Selenium user and had only casually heard about WebDriver, so it was good to see what sorts of things it can do.

While the speaker did an amazing job with this talk. It was very engaging and packed with information; the content was outside my area of interest.