Why I <3 Laravel 4


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Nice funny and informative talk.

A lot of truth is said in jest, and that's what this talk is all about. Very fun, this talk is coming right out and pointing everyone in the new direction of "frameworks" in PHP. Frameworks that are based on re-usable, framework agnostic components that can be smashed together using composer.

Some of the slides made me question humanity! Or maybe just Phil! :P

Funny and informative talk, that actually got me to take a look at a Framework, something that I really don't like doing.

Potato +1!

One of the more entertaining talks of the day for sure, but very informative. An interesting take on "another framework" being more than "another framework". Great job Phil!

Anonymous at 20:05 on 5 Nov 2012

Nice movement Phil.

Anonymous at 02:36 on 6 Nov 2012

terrible quality :(

Some of the memes were a bit graphic, but there was real material buried within this presentation (even if the overweight guy on slide #19 ate the surrounding slides). This would definitely need to be sanitized a bit for a real slot, but it was quite an enjoyable way to wrap up the unconference.

I'm not sure if this was Phil's first speaking role, but he did a great job regardless.