Why PHP could be the most important programming language in the world


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Very inspiring keynote!

Inspring talk about why easily accessible programming languages are important.

Rule #1 of "Conference speaking 101" (see later by @skoop) is: don't be late at your talk!

I liked the talk even though I'm not really agreeing with the speaker… but I had a feeling the talk was created last-minute. I can be wrong, but this was my feeling.

As a speaker, done a great job. As keynote, not so much (yet)

Good talk...it was a little awkward in some points, but it had a good message. I liked the "PHP gets things done" message too.

Great talk, very inspiring. Very good perspective on the "language wars".

An enjoyable and engaging opening to the conference

Late or not, this was an awesome talk. Great way to kick off conference.

Very inspiring :-)

Interesting opener to the conference.

A very nice and entertaining keynote, good opener for a conference. My only issue with it was that we had to wait a bit for the speaker to arrive :)

Loved the anecdotes. PHP does indeed get stuff done :D

I liked the recurring theme of non-conformity. All too often programming communities become cargo cults where we do things for inexplicable reasons. Just because something is a great idea in situation X doesn't mean you need to do it in situation Y. This is especially important when working with beginners. Love it!

Cool talk. Lovely slides.

Great job and way to make the red-headed step child of the programming world feel special, unique and important.

Worth the wait. ;)

Being late for the keynote is never good, but the talk was great. Delivery was spot on.

The title was surely controversial, but it made for an interesting discussion. In particular, the build up to the reference to "A Soldier's Story" was quite nice. Overall, the subject was inspiring, the perspective was relatively unbiased (given Reg's polyglot background) and his speaking energy was solid.

To the previous comments, I don't think this would fly as a keynote at too many other conferences, but it seemed appropriate for today's even. Despite starting off late and light, I think it ended on a good note to start the morning.

Really enjoyed the keynote. Liked that description of php as "frictionless".

A good keynote.

I felt it took a round about way to get to the points a couple of times, but I did like the final outcome.

Interesting talk with some good points and an interesting view from a non-php developer. I felt it did not really build up to the final message very well, some points were a bit lost in lack of proper delivery.

Overall good but needs polishing.

Good talk, and interesting perspective on the entry barriers with different languages - makes me think of the One Laptop Per Child initiative...

As mentioned by others, a great keynote that started about 15 minutes late. The idea that PHP gives out more lottery tickets is a good one. It could also be tied to how YouTube has given out more lottery tickets for video production and the democratization of winners such as Gangnam Style.