Your code sucks, let's fix it.


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Great talk by the one and only Rafael. I already saw this talk earlier at a user group meeting and now I've seen it grow into a real awesome talk. Absolutely fabulous!!!

I've implemented a lot of these ideas in my code having just viewed the slides, really great to hear the talk to go with the slides. Great presentation!

Very simple concepts (almost deceptively simple), but there is a lot of depth to the ideas. I really enjoyed the well-crafted and real world examples that highlight each of the points.

Very nice. A lots of great examples of bad code and how to improve from it.

Good presentation. Engaging content presented well. I don't agree with all of it, but you did a great job presenting it.

Great topic. These tips/exercises will definitely be hard at first, but net great results in the end. I think the slides were well written/designed, easy to follow.

Entertaining and informative. It's saying out loud what that little voice in the back of every developer's head is pestering them with all the time.

Informative, engaging presentation with very well chosen real-world examples to illustrate each point. Every PHP developer should see the advice in this talk, it will change how you see your code!

It is good to hear it again. :D

My first introduction to object calisthenics was Guilherme Blanco's unconference talk at Symfony Live Paris 2012. This built upon the same content and really filled out a full presentation nicely. The code examples were particularly well-presented (e.g. formatting, highlights).

Anonymous at 13:07 on 3 Nov 2012

You could tell that the speaker was very passionate about the ideas behind code Callisthenics. Very exciting talk to attend. Thank you!

Great talk - good presentation, and examples were easy to grok. The stuff about using nicer iteration techniques really made me think - I've never taken the time to learn some of the functions and libraries you mentioned, but it reminded me of the good old days when the Java Collections package came out and my code could suddenly get more beautiful. I'm inspired to apply this and some of the other techniques!

Very similar content to "Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship" by Robert C. Martin but adapted to PHP. I enjoyed the presentation.