AngularJS Fundamentals for Rapid HTML5 Development


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Very good presentation. Nick was well prepared, easy to hear, and his talk was packed with good information.

As a fundamentals talk, it felt a bit distracted in terms of topics covered. Waylaid into tools commonly used with Angular, but unrelated to the framework itself at one point. Could have used more practical examples. Speaker kept a fairly fast pace with rare pauses. Talk seemed to go into a lot of depth with low-level framework features for the time allotted. No time was left for Q&A.

A lot of information packed into a limited amount of time, including a rapid application bootstrap demo. Great job, especially on short notice.

RS at 12:32 on 8 Nov 2013

Quick pace, lots of info, very technical, well prepared, extremely knowledgeable, good speaker.

Really liked this talk. Introduced me to a whole new world and I've already started a project that was a perfect candidate for Angular.

Felt rushed at the end, but an interesting talk on an interesting topic. Would have personally like to see the code examples earlier on, but all in all a very interesting talk.

Anonymous at 11:47 on 10 Nov 2013

It was great, one of the best at the conference