Auth*: Dispelling the Myths


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excellent generalized talk about security, incl. practical advice and a decent overview of many attack vectors. One hour was not enough time - I got the impression that Chris could deliver an entire semester-long course on security. Clear delivery, confident presentation.

Excellent talk. Lots of little details that most people oversee or just not think about got mentioned by Chris. A constant flow of those, actually. This could've easily been made into a tutorial-session.

Loved the overview on auth without getting too technical!

Great overview on one of the more challenging aspects of our trade, delivered well and it's obvious Chris is extremely knowledgable on the subject. Great talk

Great overview of auth and the myths surrounding it. I agree that this could easily have been made into a tutorial, especially as Chris was struggling to fit all of the very important knowledge into one hour. Having it as a tutorial would give the material more space to breath and perhaps allow for some practical examples.

Great talk on Auth. Thanks for the all the great info.