Bootstrapping my startup, 3 years in


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Great talk. Paul is a very entertaining speaker. Funny with many anecdotes.

Anonymous at 13:29 on 8 Nov 2013

Disclaimer: fellow bootstrapper.

Entertaining talk, but would have liked to hear more about the struggles rather than focusing on the business performance. Had several more questions but ran out of time. Was nicely balanced with some technical details.

I think Paul did a great job giving a talk about how his business got started, along with interesting technical details and real world insight.

Great talk, well delivered. Paul was open and approachable, and completely candid about his business' performance. I'm grateful for the insights.

Paul lead us through an informative, entertaining and honest look at the succession of events that lead his company to where it is today. As someone with some entrepreneurial aspirations, there were some helpful tips and caveats throughout. Thanks Paul!