Bringing Order to the Chaos of your Server Management with Salt


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Great tutorial. A lot of information. I liked that you had the github repo ready with branches for different steps. It made it easy to follow along.

Great tutorial. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Great talk. Lots of useful info, speaker was very knowledgeable.

Anonymous at 15:45 on 7 Nov 2013

Great talk, it was very helpful having the repo and vagrant instructions out before the event. Too bad you weren't able to bring down the True North site with the bot-net however :)

Much knowledge was dropped on us, like an A-bomb. Had me excited about Ops.
That being said, I felt it was a little bit disorganized, with many "I'll get back to that" and "i'm getting ahead of myself". Also, because there was no forewarning that we'd need vagrant and salt box pre-installed, many of us wasted the first chunk of time trying to download it, install it, and get it up... which we didn't cover in the tutorial, so it meant some of us were very un-focused on the talk at the beginning, and feeling like we couldn't catch up. I did eventually catch up, though, and then I could focus on the content, and it was truly useful stuff.

Really informative session. I forgot to set up environment first and ended up with vagrant / virtualbox issues, but still enjoyed listening and will be giving Salt a try when I get back to work.

Excellent tutorial on salt and how it can automate managing your server configurations. Although I have not used vagrant and virtual box technologies, I am eager to try installing and working with salt. The tutorial was well organized with git sources to allow people to follow along and work through the exercises.
Justin was very knowledgable and the live demo was excellent. Mistakes usually happen during live demo, but there are great lessons to learn in debugging the problems. I found Justin's material well prepared and very easy to follow and understand. Thank you so much for the great tutorial.

The slides were well organized, but the tutorial was not because Justin didn't follow the slides, jumping around and showing us lots of cool stuff but not in a way that made me feel that I ended up with either a good working knowledge of the basics of Salt or a working set of master/minions that I could use as the basis for setting up a multi-server, working, virtual PHP development environment. Perhaps that expectation is unrealistic for a 3-hour devops-focused tutorial at a PHP conference, but that is certainly what I hoped for.