Continuous Integration in PHP


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Very good talk/workshop. Detailed, thorough, and gave me a bunch of ideas to implement not only in the PHP projects I participate in, but also other technologies.

Great intro to phing, various code analysis tools, and Jenkins. Definitely going to start using some of this stuff. Since it was branded as an extended tutorial, I would have liked a bit more hands-on with everyone, getting it working from scratch on our local systems. Could specify "system requirements" in terms of a VM in the talk description far ahead of the event.

There's more to setting up a continuous integration environment than installing code analysis tools and Jenkins, and while it's useful to have an extended intro to those code analysis tools I feel more time should have been spent on setting up Jenkins itself as well as setting up a working CI environment that included infrastructure and reporting options. Personally I would have liked at least some brief exploration of CI with git including automated trigger-based integration as well as other CI options like Sonar. Perhaps it's merely semantics, but If this was going to be an 'automated code analysis with Jenkins' tutorial it would have been better to set that expectation up front.

@Jon -Sorry to disappoint.. can you drop me an email: keith @ I'd love to figure out how to tweak the description or improve the content to better match the two.

Regardless, thanks for the feedback. :)

This talk prompted me to experiment with Phing and various code quality tools - based on practical advice from this talk, I have an almost-working pre-deployment experimental test suite configured. Good presentation, easy to follow, good pacing.