Database testing for Fun and Profit


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Fast-paced, packed with info. Could have slowed down w/ more elaboration, e.g. a practical example? Also info about how to set up the environment for this kind of testing. Presentation assumed a sophisticated prior understanding, which may have left some people behind.

Nice overview of using the PHPUnit db testing extension.

The topic of database testing was one which I know nothing about. It had interested me as a sort of afterthought on many projects. PHPUnit alone is an excellent tool, and I was pleased to learn that DBUnit was already a part of it. Because you are now the maintainer of the project, I was hoping that you could provide more depth on how the project worked. In particular, I was wondering how the project went about setting up and cleaning up databases (and I apologise for ducking out before I could ask). Regardless, you are an interesting speaker who conveyed your knowledge of the topics well. I just wanted to see more depth.

Short & Sweet. A little *too* short, but very polished, and you obviously know your stuff inside-out. Might be good if you had some code samples ready to execute in case you finish early. Also maybe talk about how this fits into your workflow. That is, since it takes longer to run these integration tests, I assume you run them less frequently than (fast) unit tests. Do you only run them after dev is done and unit tests are passing, as a final check before sending to QA?

Good talk. Too short and also {{'what Derek Martin said'}}

I agree with more code samples. The talk was definitely well thought out otherwise.