Essential Git for Developers


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Source control with Git is a critical skill, and you knew it. It was clear from the beginning that you possessed a firm grasp of the topic and were able to field questions from pensive audience members. Furthermore, the session was polished, which is doubtless because of all of your experience. I learned some new, useful techniques which I plan on applying in the future.

Great intro. Totally nailed the presentation and had excellent flow. Would love to have an advanced session, too.

Excellent intro to GIT and excellent selection of topics to cover in a limited amount of time. Well done. For the many of us attending who routinely use git, an advanced session or a tutorial would be helpful, especially one focused on effectively maintaining and contributing to github-hosted open source projects.

Amazing talk, amazing speaker.
It was very informative and I really enjoyed it. The work flows are something that I would try to apply on my work as well.

Great refresher for a topic you can never completely know. Lots of useful diagrams, but could have used more. (I wish I could remember where...)

Thank You ,great talk,It was so useful...