Functional PHP


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Very active, and engaging. For a talk at the end of the conference to keep the level of attention the attendees had is difficult and Larry did it nicely. Speaker was nicely loud, easy to understand, and was very well prepared for this talk. Nice job Larry!

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probably the least *practical* of the talks I've attended, and certainly the most *academic*. The topics in this talk sparked interest in some concepts that I'll be reading up on when I get home and have time for some book learnin'.

Took some concepts I'm only familiar with from advanced JavaScript, and presented them in a PHP context - incl. pure functions, closures, anonymous functions, currying, map reduce. Showed how they are used in real practical applications, e.g. memoization.

A highly engaging speaker, too - enthusiastic presentation. Despite the advanced level of the concepts being discoursed, I had no problem following along all the examples and grasping all the material. A++

I don't usually give out 5's, but this one gets a 5

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Very informative talk. Lots of useful and mind-opening information in a very good pace and beautiful slides.

I only got to see part of the talk but the energy and delivery was great. Nicely done. If you want to change people's minds (or at least show them the way) I think you're on the right track.

Anonymous at 20:21 on 9 Nov 2013

Thought-provoking and engaging talk.
Larry presents with great energy and preparedness. He knows his material, knows his mission, and is thoroughly informed on the subject he's presenting about. His passion is infectious and very convincing.
This presentation was full of useful information to expand the eyes and technical awareness of anyone who hasn't yet embraced or applied functional-programming concepts in their PHP work. Lots in this talk for both novice and seasoned programmers.

Great presentation!

Really thought provoking stuff and I'll be investigating the concepts from this talk further to try to apply them to my own development. Larry presented really well, with a lot of energy, and was able to keep everyone's attention. Great presentation.

Thank you for the talk, smooth and full of energy...and sure informative and useful

Engaging and energetic talk on an involved topic. A good idea to expand horizons with this.

I'm amazed by how Larry took an extremely hard to explain topic and made it easy to understand. All the important aspects of FP were covered (including some historical bits). Very well presented, made very clear points.

The only suggestion content-wise would be (as I already told you in person) to use more named functions.

Very informative and useful talk.