Nuts and bolts of profiling and optimization


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Anonymous at 10:57 on 9 Nov 2013

Anonymous at 10:59 on 9 Nov 2013

Comprehensive and very interesting survey of ways to optimize websites!

It would be great to dig deeper into a couple of the web design issues at future meetups.

Good guidelines to start looking for ways to improve the performance of a website.

gave us a great list of low hanging fruit for optimization, and most importantly provided them in priority order. excellent information.

Anonymous at 22:29 on 9 Nov 2013

Always a treat to hear Mark speak!
Mark's talk was content-rich, with lots of useful take-aways. With a one-hour talk he successfully crammed a load of great information in!
If the timeslot was two or three times longer then it would have made perfect sense to get into demoing specific performance profiling tools along with tips and tricks for making the best use of those tools. Probably best split into multiple talks for that.

I came away with some good practical action points to specifically re-implement with my teams. I also received validation that we're already doing some good things, and it's always great to get that sort of confirmation!

Great job Mark. Don't be shy about presenting again! You're a wealth of knowledge!