Open source, PHP, and PIE


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Anonymous at 16:47 on 8 Nov 2013

Highly engaging talk with great insights and updates on how to bring the entire PHP community together better, faster, and doing less work in the progress.

Great presentation Larry!

Anonymous at 16:48 on 8 Nov 2013

Very entertaining talk

Larry is such an inspiring speaker, and the message he needed to get across came across really well. Excellent examples and situation to illustrate a problem, then giving the solution that already exists for that problem. What a fantastic talk. This can easily be a keynote. Hell, this *should be* a keynote.

Great, engaging talk.

This was a great overview of how the PHP community has changed over the years. A lot of fun. :)

I haven't attended the conference.

But looking at the slides I feel it was a great talk with great topics in it.

Really well put together presentation by someone who's been in the trenches. The future is now!

Thank you for the entertaining presentation on the history of PHP and how colaboration keeps it alive and moving forward.