Practical Software Design


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loved this talk. it's stuff i think about all the time. good to hear it confirmed. of course, it also makes me wish that i was on a team full of people that thought this way. too many employers hire for (essentially) how fast you can type, instead of the quality of planning & design that you can produce.

I wasn't paying as much attention is I wanted to but thought the presentation was delivered well! Nicely done.

Anonymous at 19:14 on 9 Nov 2013

Thanks for the talk. But the contents were very abstract. I would like to see more concrete examples and more visuals to understand these interesting subjects.

When I first came in, I was a bit skeptical of not having code to go along with the talk - however by the end, I totally understood why there was no code and I think it worked extremely well. So many good conceptual and practical things to put into practice. Very glad i chose to go to this talk. As far as the presentation, I could tell the speaker was a bit nervous (first conference talk) so a bit more energy would help, but excellent presentation.

I really enjoyed this talk and thought there was a huge amount of really valuable information here. A few practical examples of how these principles have affected your development over the years would have helped to drive home the points even more, but that's just a minor point. Well done and I hope to hear you speak again soon!