Securing your REST API


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Great overview of different methods to secure REST APIs. Covered some pros and cons of each implementation, as well as good and bad practices and conventions.

Focused a bit more on general security concerns and a bit less on those specific to authentication than I anticipated, but still a good security talk.

A good general overview of security concerns for applications and API applications more specifically. While a bit general at times, I can understand it is difficult to be both specific and broadly applicable at the same time. Overall, I really enjoyed the talk.

Great high level talk on securing APIs.

Very interesting talk and lots of useful information. Thanks

Anonymous at 15:44 on 8 Nov 2013

Great talk Chris! Thanks for the volume of great and useful information.

Great talk. Loads of info, well organized.

Have an API project that I'm working on now, so this talk came at the perfect time. Got a lot of great information out of it and will definitely take those things into consideration. Talk was well delivered and engaging.

Good information, but not a great deal I'd not heard before. Delivery was good, but a little dry.