Silex: An implementation detail


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Nice coverage of a bunch of pieces, though at times the talk didn't flow from one piece to the next smoothly. Also was a few places where examples seemed to be thought of during the talk rather than prepared ahead of time. Great ideas on testing decoupled from DB. Framework relies on my code rather than my code relying on framework...Brilliant!

The session itself was quite interesting. You are one of the few people around who can cover the topic with clarity. However, I would appreciate more sources and references for the topic. To your credit, you did provide some answers to my inquiry on references. You deserve credit as well for the creative use of hand-drawn slides. They were a nice personal touch.

Very good talk. Loved the exceptionally illustrative slides. Focused a bit more on philosophy, principles, and high-level design than practical examples, but still an enjoyable introduction.

Really enjoyed the talk. The slides kept it playful, but the underlying architecture discussions were valuable. I'm already familiar with Silex, so the skipping was actually nice.

Enjoyed the talk, and especially the hand-drawn slides. An interesting conceptual approach. Also, grateful that Igor was willing to take the time to clarify any issues I might have had after the talk.

Loved the fact that the slides were hand drawn. It gave me a good introduction to Silex and was very entertaining. Transitions between topics could have been a little bit smoother, but I didn't have a hard time following the presentation at all. Well done

I found this talk to be extremely enjoyable and thought provoking. I am trying to be more thoughtful of my application architecture and this talk helped feed that though process. Incidentally I had just watched Uncle Bob's "architecture of the lost years" talk the nigh before, so the Boundary-Interactor-Entity concept was fresh in my mind. Thank you Igor!

This talk had the most entertaining slides of any at this conference. :-) The hand drawings were a very nice touch.

The content was good and the message important. The only thing that was missing was that the narrative flow didn't quite feel right. As a result, I really understood where it was going only in hindsight, after the "big reveal" of how Silex was layered in at the end. Setting the stage for that earlier (eg, "how do we write all of our business logic before we know what the framework is?") would have really driven the point home better, and reemphasized the loose coupling that it buys.