Static Sites With Sculpin


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Great intro to Sculpin. The talk was really well thought out. I think a bit more practice will help you smooth out the few pauses you had between slides but all in all you did a great job.

I really enjoyed this as I've been thinking about moving my blog to Octopress for a while. It's great to know that a similar tool exists in the PHP space. I thought the slides and delivery were excellent, thanks!

Content was good and Sculpin looks interesting. The delivery needs some work, though. Main thing: Don't be so modest! It's a cool project with good features. Act like it. :-)

Larry has put this in better words than I possibly could. You had a couple really good selling points in there like 'all octopress sites look the same' and 'jekyll include templates are a pain to work with' that I felt people in the room nodding their heads to. It's *not* just another NIH project.

Sculpin has a lot to offer over existing static site generators. You just need to show more excitement so that the audience will be more excited.