The HttpKernelInterface is a lie


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Very interesting talk. Lots of information starting from the unix command line going all the way to the HttpKernelInterface.

Anonymous at 10:02 on 9 Nov 2013

Very informative talk.Thanks!

Great peek at our roots and how they relate to the modern day frameworks we all know. Would be interesting to have a walk-through of existing Stack middlewares and maybe a demo to actually see the practical side of the material discussed being applied. Loved the talk, though.

Nice talk. Entertaining as always. :)

Anonymous at 17:42 on 9 Nov 2013

doesn't make much sense without the talking

Very interesting and informative talk. Very interesting and useful details. Very good flow.

Lots of useful information. By far my favorite talk of the conference. I would love to see more talks by you in the future.

I really enjoyed this talk. The material was thought provoking and was put together in a way that always kept the listeners attention. I'll certainly be looking very closely at using Stack middlewares in my own projects.