Unit Testing Javascript with QUnit


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I liked the translation for PhpUnit's user. You answered my questions. Will be useful. Thanks

Most of the talk is listening to his explanation of long opaque code examples. There is tons of information in this presentation, but he's ramming through it far too quickly to absorb it. Overall it felt like I just got a half-day course rammed into a hurried 1-hour presentation.

Thanks for the talk Matthew. A lot of interesting material was in the talk. Very informative.
Going back and forth to the presentation and the code was a little bit distracting.
Also having more diagrams and visuals to help understanding the big picture of how things work instead of lots of code would help to easier understand the concept rather than syntax.
I would recommend embedding the lines of code you want to talk about in the presentation, high-light the important parts and show the results in presentation as well. Eventually you can switch for a full demonstration in the code/browser.