Beyond MVC: from Model to Domain


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Now I want to reimplement my applications all over again. Thank you :D

Great explanation of complicated concepts.

Very good introduction to both ADR and DDD. I think Jeremy took a very complicated topic and distilled into a set of pointers to how to begin researching them. I can attest that this is not an easy task and Jeremy did it elegantly.

I think a concrete example comparing MVC, ADR, and DDD would have been beneficial. And now that DDD is 10 years old, what about architectural approaches like Facebook's Flux?

This talk was packed to capacity and for good reason. Jeremy did a great job approaching several key concepts, but tying them altogether. His presentation style was enthusiastic and energetic and he clearly was speaking from experience, not his slide deck. I look forward to trying out ADR in a future project.

Jeremy was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to fully answer any questions without hesitation. The talk was fast-paced and full of concrete code samples to demonstrate the content. Room was full for a reason.

Great introduction to Domain Driven Design. Jeremy is a really excellent speaker, and his accent just makes everything he says sound that much smarter.

Anonymous at 15:27 on 8 Nov 2014

Great speaker, touched on ADR and TDD. I wish we had time to delve deeper into each topic, but for a 45-50 min talk with examples, he got his point across.

Excellent talk, inspired me to dig deeper and implement these concepts.

It was a talk I was really looking forward to seeing and I wasn't disappointed. There were plenty of examples and touched on just enough topics to get me itching to explore them further on my own. I agree with others that I wish there was more time to get into further detail about some of the topics but overall I have no real complaints.

Anonymous at 11:44 on 10 Nov 2014