CakePHP: The Yum and the Yuck


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A lot of fun, not that much sarcasm. Real life feedbacks for anybody that (want to) participate to an open source project.

Great to hear the people side of keeping a project like this going!

Appreciated the behind-the-scenes account of maintaining an open source project like CakePHP.

Anonymous at 18:25 on 7 Nov 2014

Anonymous at 13:06 on 8 Nov 2014

Interesting talk about the things you have to do to maintain a community, and how to do open source maintenance.

I found this talk particularly interesting since I've recently been involved in a number of open source projects, and it was nice to hear Mark's unique perspective having worked on CakePHP for so long. The title threw me off a little though, I thought the talk was going to be more about working with the framework. Nonetheless, I quite enjoyed it!