For PHP devs with mixed feelings about JavaScript


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Brian did a great job comparing some basic concepts that translate (and don't) from PHP to JavaScript. He has a good understanding of the material and speaks confidently.

That said, I would recommend that he take time to pace himself and revisit example code multiple times to reinforce the ideas in the talk. He finished early and I think could have taken some time to go through related concepts and examples. Additionally, there were cases where there was a lot of code on the screen and I'd recommend highlighting lines attendees should focus on.

I enjoyed the coverage of a topic that I know a lot of developers struggle with. Brian had great advice and examples to illustrate the differences between JavaScript and PHP. His presentation style is also good and I was able to tell he has great familiarity with the topic.

I do agree with what Jordan said. I think having some reinforcement would help some of the examples. And there were often times when the example code was breezed through quickly. Taking a little more time to go over the examples in depth would help drive the points home.