How To Be A Great Developer


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Great talk. Ed elucidated and spoke about many concepts that we often ignore in our quests to be better developers.

So much great information in this talk. Ed shifted focus the emphasis away from technical prowess and to a more holistic approach to team work. Yes, knowing how to code is important, but that's a small part of what makes a developer great. I walked away with a better appreciation for these other important aspects of my work.

On top of the great content, Ed had a really sincere presentational style. I love talks like this. **Bonus points for the C64 font. Not going to be tribalistic here but Atari 130XEs were technologically superior in every way /end troll.

Anyone can be a great technical developer. Ed's talk covers what it means to be a great human being in the world of development. This message is very important and Ed drove it home well. I took several things away from this talk, and really enjoyed how Ed was able to inject his own personality into the talk.

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk. It's a great follow up to his "Open Sourcing Mental Illness" talk. They complement each other very well. Ed is a great speaker and always willing to engage the audience during the talk. I found it very easy to relate to many of his own personal experiences that he expressed during the talk, and opened my eyes on how I can be more empathetic towards my peers.