Multiple ElePHPants, One Box: Inside virtPHP


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This was a great talk, except for Jacques' insistence that it is pronounced "PECKLE" when it is clearly "PEECKLE".

Well done, you just need to extend your content. :)

I love the idea of virtphp and where you're going with it
A live demo of how to set it up and what problems it solves, and interactions between virtphp and other virtualization solutions (docker, virtualbox, vagrant, etc) would be some great additions to the talk

also ME WANT WINDOWS - ahem

Really useful intro into the what and why of virtPHP. Excellent presentation style. Very calm and easy to listen to.

Jacques was a very genuine speaker. He was honest about his project, virtPHP, and gave us a peek into its future. We need to see more of this project. I can't wait to try it out myself.

Great talk and a natural speaker. I think I would have preferred to see slightly more in depth examples, and the talk ran really short, but Jacques did a great job moving right into a live demo (which I know most speakers dread) to use up the rest of the time. So Kudos to that!