Object-Oriented JavaScript (yes, it really exists)


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Highly informative. Pulls away the curtain of "magic" for tricky things in JS that are non-obvious.

Anonymous at 09:51 on 8 Nov 2014

Super talk! Very in depth but not so far over my head that I looked like a deer in headlights.

Anonymous at 09:52 on 8 Nov 2014

good coverage and kept engaged. Need this in PHP conferences

Very very good talk, charismatic speaker.
Well built presentation: expectation set right at the beginning. Progression slow enough to get it, without being boring.
Slides, full of links and good example, will definitively be helpful after the conference too.

Anonymous at 10:17 on 8 Nov 2014

Often, conferences don't have super-technical talks. This one was, and it clarified a lot of the OOJS concepts that I sort-of knew already.