HOWTO Empathy (Opening Keynote)


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Awesome keynote. It made me re evaluate my level of empathy. I have some work to do on myself.

Interesting talk for a Dev conference. Would have like to hear more stories though.

I left feeling like I better understand life and myself. That's always a great way to leave a talk.

Emma has a great stage presence and engages the audience well. I feel that the content is definitely appropriate for a keynote and something that certainly needs a lot more attention in our various communities. That said, I would like to see more information on active efforts and how we can do better as individuals and as a group (community). I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I didn't feel like the content really spoke to me or what I can/should do.

I really loved the information in the talk. Helped me understand things about myself (also made me realize that yes, I am an oddity in programming) I too would love to see more "actionable list" stuff, and fewer slides (seriously, other than the graphs/lists stuff the rest of the slides are more distracting than useful) This is the kind of talk that I think the spoken content is powerful enough to carry itself.

This was a great talk! Presents empathy as a beneficial professional skill, with evocative data and clearly defined techniques for improving understanding, decision making, and outcomes.

Great keynote, working with people is a such a huge part of our industry and learning how to interact effectively with others is incredibly important.

Thanks for the talk.

I found it moderately interesting such that I'm inclined to take an empathy assessment...more out of curiosity than as a self-improvement metric.

Empathy is hard, but Emma Jane showed us the way. I liked how you approached the topic and how you broke down different difficulty levels for cultivating empathy. A great start to the conference.

Great topic, content, and delivery. I agree with others' comments about more actionable steps and anecdotes. Some of the slides had too much text on them. Otherwise, this is a very important topic for our community, and the speaker's passion for communicating it shines through. It was a very fitting keynote.

Really great talk. Helping us become better developers is more than being technical.