Refactoring 101


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I loved how in depth the talk was, however the code samples were too small/long to see or follow from the back of the room.

Great talk; covers basics of refactoring and dives into practical examples of how.

Good talk, covering a lot of information. I would have liked to hear more about pitfalls of refactoring or how refactoring can go wrong though.

Anonymous at 13:31 on 8 Nov 2014

This was a well organized presentation on this important topic for code quality. Fewer slides and a slower pace of delivery would have helped in digesting the important information presented. The content was not too advanced, it was just delivered too rapidly. There was at least 2 talks worth of material.

Excellent refresher on refactoring for me. Easily digestible and a good reminder to focus on clarity in your refactor and performance later.

Expert speaker gives entertaining, informative talk ;) Super useful content delivered in a style which made it really easy to take on board.