Security Is Not a Feature, It's a State of Mind


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Good talk, as always, however it's a lot of overview details with little tangibles that I can go and do right away. That might be the goal of the talk, but for me there was little I left with other than reading a whole bunch more on the subject.

Great talk. It's always good to be reminded of the need for security and this talk delivered that in spades. Elizabeth is an excellent speaker too. See this talk if you can.

A much needed talk for most developers. A really good summary and presentation of the most critical things everyone needs to think about wrt security when writing code of any variety.

I really enjoyed this talk. Elizabeth is an excellent speaker, and she really knows her stuff. As she suggested at the beginning of this talk, the information contained wasn't (shouldn't) be a big surprise to any relatively experience PHP developer. However, I found it was a great motivator to revisit some of these security principles to make SURE they're being done properly. Great job!