Zero to The PHP League: The story of Plates


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Nice talk, lots of useful info to help attendees build and maintain great packages. Recommend the title and abstract be refactored to help this talk gain more traction. It deserves more attendance. Speaker spoke well, and explained content well. Slides nicely done.

This was a great talk with a lot of information on getting started in open source package creation and maintenance.

I agree with Adam that the title could be changed a bit to make it reflect what the content of the talk is. The description is definitely needed to understand that this talk isn't about Plates but more about the experience of creating an open source package with Plates serving as an example.

Slides and content were well done and readable.

Good talk overall and very well-spoken and organized. The talk did make some pretty strong assertions without really backing them up. Specifically, the suggestions that packages should enable method chaining by returning self seemed out of place. It was a concrete detail that APIs should do exactly one thing (and there are plenty of reasons not to do fluent interfaces).

The guidelines on marketing and documentation were *very* good.

I like the recommendations that Jonathan had for people wanting to publish their own packages. I think the strong recommendation to use PSR-2 without backing reasons was a bit rocky.

I think his suggestions and ideas around marketing and building documentation sites were fantastic, and the key things that can take a library from being totally ignored to well adopted.

Anonymous at 09:53 on 10 Nov 2014

Some really great points here for anyone wanting to get into open source. From code to marketing. Good advice for open source projects even outside of PHP. Speaker communicated quite well and held the audiences attention throughout. Slides were slickly designed and helped affirm speakers points without being distracting.

I thought the talk was super--one of my favourites from the conference. Good to hear about new technologies and insight into how the PHP community is maturing, with strong opinions on what technologies to use for what purpose (which helps to cut through the clutter). The presentation was professional and concise, and the slides were eye-catching. I agree that the title could be less specific to the story of Plates, and rather just about creating great PHP packages.