Action-Domain-Responder: A Web-Specific Refinement of MVC


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Awesome energy. Very interesting concepts.

Where's the article for all these concepts?

Thanks for a great talk.

Very interesting concepts. Great explanations of abstract concepts.

Excellent presentation style! Good balance between theory and practical code examples. Paul delivers a very important message about separation between domain logic and access/presentation transport layers. This is something I try to encourage my clients to do so it is refreshing to see other people supporting the principles. Helped to understand how "MVC frameworks" do not use the name properly, reminding what pattern should be used in what context.

Would be great if there is a skeleton application that can be referenced to get started correctly in ADR.

I had read about the ADR pattern but wasn't sure what to think. After listening to this talk I feel like I have a clear understanding of the concept. Paul spoke with passion and knowledge of the subject, and took the time to answer as many questions as possible.

Anonymous at 13:54 on 7 Nov 2015

Excellent speaker that captured the audience's attention for the entire duration of the presentation. Will definitely look into the topic more and how it can be applied to what we do.

Very engaging presentation style and very receptive to questions. By the end of the presentation, it seemed like everyone in the room had a good grasp of the subject matter.

Oh man, like I said personally to you, this was the best presentation I have ever seen.

Material was professionally organized, brilliantly presented, and strongly backed up.

Once again Paul, thanks for making my day by familiarizing me with such a great idea and I owe you for that big time! you are simply the best!

Paul never gives a bad presentation.

Excellent speaker and great talk. The build-up to the problem, with a history of MVC on desktops, followed by a well thought out refinement of MVC for the server was engaging to watch. I will be looking further into ADR.

+1 to what Chris Tickner said.