Building Great APIs


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Anonymous at 11:49 on 7 Nov 2015

Ben did a good job of covering the REST maturity model tied to a concrete example that was easy for me to follow.

While not completely related to REST, I would have liked to see some time allocated to making some suggestions/opinions on authentication, rate limiting and other API concerns.

One of my favorite talks of the conference so far. We're getting ready to start an API project and had a couple questions that were very thoroughly answered. Great talk, pace was great, inflection was great. A+ talk

Congratulations on 100 talks! I enjoyed the carnival theme, and the clear step by step progression through concepts. Great presentation :)

Anonymous at 21:28 on 8 Nov 2015

This was a really good talk! Ben was very knowledgeable on the subject.

Great talk, especially when shown concrete examples of how great API's are built, and never made you feel like an API you might be building was a ball of mud, instead it was inspired to make it better. Slides were A+ quality, the talk was very well paced and very informative with the right mix of examples and explanations.

Ben's a great speaker and can easily explain on a non-technical level to those less versed in API's

Great talk. Really exposed the depth of building out an effective api. The maturity model and explanations of the individual levels were very helpful.

I think this was one of the best organized talks that I attended. The structure of question -> axiom -> level in the Richardson Maturity model was very logical and consistent throughout. Starting with a very basic API (maybe one that only needs to last a short period) and building to a more complicated one designed to be reused for the long term made a lot of sense and I think worked really well with the structuring. Very thoughtful and I learned a lot!