Building your API Utility Belt


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Anonymous at 13:52 on 7 Nov 2015

Really good. good pace, good level of detail.

Good pace, good level of detail.

Anonymous at 13:52 on 7 Nov 2015

Great presentation! Thank you

Good coverage of frontend API testers fairly balanced between locally installed and public. But it feels incomplete without server side API tools. Visiting clients to help, I do not always have luxury to know how the API end point is accessed, what is travelling through it etc, and therefore know what to put into the tools shown, what dependencies and follow up requests are usually given etc. I believe having a tool that gets hooked to the server to inspect what and how it is accessed by the clients in their natural environment is essential to have in the "API Utility Belt". Recently, Z-ray standalone edition began to attempt solving this issue, but it still feels unstable to use. Would be very helpful to see for sake of balance and addressing of typical API development workflow how to approach that.

Good overview of helpful API tools, really liked like the caution and disclaimers around the fact that a lot of the tools were proxies and were Man In the Middle talks. Thorough understanding of these tools, definitely learned about some tools that I'm going to evaluate.

I came away from the talk with some new tools to have a look at to that most definitely help my day to day workflow. Well delivered with some good humour interjections that tied nicely into the overall theme and helped make the talk engaging. Thanks Keith!

Great presentation style; personable, approachable overview of a variety of helpful tools. Thank you for putting this together :)

Good talk and explanation of the current tools available for API developers, Keith had a very good understanding of how the tools are used and WHEN you should use them.

Only criticism would be that I went in assuming there would be a large number of tools with different goals in mind, instead they all pretty much just do the same thing, proxy requests and log the request/response. I have not yet built an API so I was expecting some IDE plugins and a bunch of other tools to help with building the API's themselves instead of just checking the endpoints.

So instead of feeling like I had a tool belt with a diversity of tools, it felt like I just had a belt full of shark repellent bat spray.

The talk itself was very well done, Keith is enthusiastic and well versed on APIs

Would have liked to have seen more diversity in the types of tools, instead of just different tools that do the same things.

Great talk. Although I already use postman it was refreshing to see the other options out there and the pros and cons of using proxies. Talk was definitely well delivered and fun. Gotta love Keith's enthusiasm.

Thanks all. I'm torn about which ones to drop but happy to take some advice and input. :)