OWASP Top 10


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Anonymous at 13:39 on 6 Nov 2015

Good talk, good security implementation suggestions.

Really enjoyed the the talk, being a top ten I would have assumed it to be a shorter talk but you filled it quite well, however I did feel the talk was rushed or you were talking without taking a break. Over all very informative and loved the idea of obfuscating inputs using CSRF tokens!

Overall the talk was a bit rushed (but you knew that). Would have benefitted by perhaps making this OWASP top 5 and giving code samples of some of the vulnerabilities?

Was a bit rushed but it worked because it was consise! Good talk, great topic and well delivered.

Anonymous at 14:02 on 6 Nov 2015

Too bad you couldn't get a two hour slot, still a good summary.

Always a great talk. New insights every time. Thanks.

Anonymous at 14:19 on 6 Nov 2015

Great talk... You can tell how passionate Ilia is about this topic and I appreciate the work he put into presenting the material. Probably could have gone longer given how much material needed to be covered

Anonymous at 21:10 on 8 Nov 2015

This was a good talk about security. I felt like ideally it would have been nice to be a 2 hour long talk so he could go through and show us examples of implementations of the best practices.

I always wanted to have a brief yet informative intro into OWASP top ten and you made my day Ilia by giving that to me the perfect way. You are brilliant dude!

Great talk. My only nitpick is that it felt rushed at times. Lots to digest in regards to not only obvious application security concerns but exceptionally clever means of bypassing traditional best practices.

I'm impressed by how much information you managed to fit in! I agree with the other comments that it might have been nice to have this as a longer talk, but even considering that I thought you had a lot of good examples that illustrated the security flaws. I don't know as much about security as I would like, and I learned a lot from this.