Promises and Generators


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I've seen other presentations on generators and promises, and I felt Evert has done the best job I've seen in clearly and concisely explaining these concepts. The coding examples were perfect in helping cut through the magic of promises and generators and help me understand exactly what's going on. Evert has great pacing and his delivery was engaging.

Anonymous at 17:22 on 7 Nov 2015

Thanks for the great summary on promises and generators. Definitely going to look into both of these some more.

I really enjoyed this talk. Evert was able to clarify some serious misunderstandings I had regard generators. I'm excited about Promises now in PHP and look forward to reading the implementations across the various Promise packages.

Thanks for the talk, I love technical ones like this. It's always great to learn something new at conferences and Evert delivered that for me.

Great talk with plenty of good examples on how/when/why you might use Promises and/or Generators in PHP. Just technical enough to peak peoples interests without going quite over their heads.

Because this is still such a new concept there were plenty of questions asked and Evert was able to answer 99% of them with certainty!


Very interesting. Learned some new things in relation to generators that I didn't know. I personally felt that idea of how to use promises could have been a bit better though.